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  1. This is the official Staff Application for Fallen Network! At Fallen Network we take everything we do here, very seriously. We are currently accepting staff applications at this time. The requirements to be a staff member, are listed below,

    Please copy and paste it in a new thread and submit your application there.


    - At least 14 years old to apply for Builder

    - Have to be active on the Forums and on the network.

    - Extensive knowledge of World Edit and different build techniques.

    - Works well with partners/groups

    - Very Mature

    - Experience building large scale mini-game maps and hubs.


    In-Game Name:


    Discord Username with four digits (ex. #1111):

    Link to last application for FallenNetwork? If you never made one for us, then say "First Application".

    Rate your maturity(1-10. 1 as very immature and 10 as very mature):

    Have you ever been banned on our network? If so, please tell us why, and for how long.

    Do you have previous experience building on a network before?

    Do you know how to use World Edit Commands?

    Pictures or Portfolio of your builds? Send Imgur links to us with your picture uploaded to imgur.


    We will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours. If you do not receive an answer after that time frame, you reserve the right to contact a staff member.
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