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  1. In-Game Name

    19 years old

    Discord Username with four digits (ex. #1111):

    How active are you on the forums?
    This depends on how active the forums are. I like joining communities in discussions or giving feedback on topics that interest me.

    Rate your maturity(1-10. 1 as very immature and 10 as very mature):

    Have you ever been banned on our network? If so, please tell us why, and for how long.

    What Languages do you have extensive knowledge in?

    I am familiar with;
    - JavaScript
    ----- JQuery
    ----- Angular 1.x
    - Twig
    - HTML
    - PHP
    - CSS
    ----- SASS
    - Java
    ----- Bukkit API
    - SQL
    - JSON
    - YAML

    I have also worked with multiple tools such as Docker, Rancher & Drupal

    Why proof of developed plugins(Imgur links with Screenshots if you feel like we will copy your source code. Or you can copy part of it in the space provided. **Note* Do NOT add in all of your SRC as other players may see this application.
    (very, very old)

    Make us a simple plugin that when you type a command, a GUI opens up. If you want to spice it up to show your true development skills, you may customize it and add blocks or items that are clickable and you get teleported places, like spawn or warped places.
    I would like to show something in this direction on my server, if given the chance :)
  2. Damn.. The amount of languages you know! I though I was cool with knowing Java and BukkitAPI, Welp you know you gotta teach me now right? Anyways +1 from me, Based off the amount of languages you know, Your github repositories etc. You look and I have a good feeling you will make a good addition to the staff team, Best of luck! P.S. that GUI plugin they ask you to make is too simple :/ Totally should up it.. xD
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