Tips for Trainee Application [Do's and Don'ts]

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    We all have wondered what the "perfect" trainee application must look like... Now, I am not here to show you it because I know you all would just copy it and tweak it. We are going to show you what you should do and not do in order to make your application even more better than it already was.

    1) When writing your application, its not about how much you write, but what your content is about. We really don't care who lengthy your application is because you could just re-write the same sentence over and over again just in different ways. So you're going to want do is write about your experiences and so forth.
    1) So,what a lot of players do is that they ask if a staff member can take a look at their application or if they already have or not. Please DO NOT make this mistake. I'm not saying if you do this, your application will automatically be denied, that is up to the staff member you ask. If they feel like you've been bugging them about this, they can deny it and make you start over (30 days later from the denial date).

    2) Another very important thing to remember when applying for Trainee is to NEVER lie. If you lie on your application and we catch it you will be automatically denied and will NOT be able to re-apply ever again. So, that being said, please do not lie. If you have been banned before on a server, please admit it and we usually will be more willing to go further in the application process with someone who tells the truth no matter the consequences, than someone who lies to hide the truth. We are the best at doing background searches and will definitely find out if you are lying at all.

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