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    Age: 12 turning 13 soon

    Minecraft Uername: NoahGamingXx

    Previous MC Usernames: NoahGamingXx

    Timezone: EST

    Discord name and 4 digits(Noah#7306

    Have you ever been banned before: No i was a Owner than i got demoted to Moderator than Admin. on here and i have been banned for advertising for this server on some other servers.

    Why should you be staff: I am mature for my age if I were to rate my self I would put my self at a 8. I'm not just saying that because of how high I think I am I get compliments from adults that I work with in my job for how mature and responsible I am. If I am holding a grudge against someone I wont let that get in the way of me helping them or me doing whatever. and i was a staff on a kitpvp server like i said and i have great experience on dealing what to do. I also would like to have /ban if i get accept as a higher staff rank because there were so many hackers and i got so mad but i stayed calm and just reported it. I am also good with building and i am great with catching hackers. There are several reasons why I am applying for staff on this fantastic server. Let’s start this off with talking about some skills that I have learned that would help me during my time being a staff member. I’m able to Speak perfectly fine, without messing up on any of the things I am doing, which helps when you are helping people in discord, and also moderating in-game. The reason I am good at doing so, I was previously staff on a Kitpvp server which there are lots and lots of things that you have to concentrate on at the same time and over time you just get better and better at it. I’m able to keep a calm & serious voice during screen shares and communicating to show players that I mean business and they shouldn’t be joking around and shouldn’t be taking anything I say as a joke.

    How active can you been on the server AND on the forums:

    30 minutes.

    1 hour

    1 hour

    30 minutes.

    I do not have some of the requirements but i hope i got all of them.

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