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  1. Official Trainee Application for Fallen network!

    This is a voluntary staff position. This is NOT a paid role.

    When applying for this role, you agree to perform your duties as a staff member correctly and to uphold the rules and regulations of the network.

    Application Process:
    To apply for Trainee, read over this WHOLE forum post, and make sure you fit the requirements below. After you read this post, make sure you COPY the format, and post it in a new thread. Failure to do this step will result in a denial and your application will be deemed as denied and you will be forced to create a new one 30 days later. While you are waiting for your response from us, you may be waiting up to 24-48 hours depending on our staff response time and when they decide to check your application. Please do not ask any staff member to review your application. If you do the staff member may decide to give you a punishment for that. Which means, to deny your application or to let you slide and not deny it. Now, when you are waiting for your response, make sure you check your email frequently. Our email will be sent from our email. Inside that email you will see if you are accepted or denied. However if you cannot remember what email you signed up with, do not hesitate to ask staff to find out for you. Now, only I can have access to that kind of information, so the staff will contact me and I will find it for you.


    - Must be 13 years old or older

    - Must have 30 or more post on the forums (No Ghost Posting - Read rules forum to find out what this means).

    - Must have extensive knowledge of minecraft and staff related commands

    - Cannot be banned on ANY other server before.



    Minecraft Uername:

    Previous MC Usernames:


    Discord name and 4 digits(Example: DefinitelyHax#2227):

    Have you ever been banned before:

    Why should you be staff:

    How active can you been on the server AND on the forums:


    Please write a lot on your application if you want to be considered for this role. We discard any application if that do not have a lot of paragraphs and writing on the questions that need to be answered thoroughly.

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