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  1. Age: 16 years of age.

    Minecraft Username: Golden_AppleYT

    Previous MC Usernames: CarPlayz.

    Timezone: UTC-05:00

    Discord name and 4 digits(Example: DefinitelyHax#2227): GoldenAppleYT#8295

    Have you ever been banned before: Nope.

    Why should you be staff: Why should I be staff is that, when you think of staff and you think of helping. That's what I'm here to do, is to help. But I'm also responsible around members, and staff. But I'm respectful and very helpful. I'm a good listener, I care about everyone including my enemies. I treat everyone equally and I do NOT play favoritism. I'm very good in the staff field, I do whatever I'm told by a higher rank, or if someone needs assistance I'm there to help. I can learn very well, also I've had a lot of experience Moderating/Administrating servers. I'm currently Jr.Admin on a MC server and Discord server. I'm Admin on 2-3 other ones. (Discord) I'm Moderator on 4-5 other ones. (Discord). I can be very helpful, and I do not talk back. Whenever there's a problem, I'm there to help. I can be there whenever someone needs me, and I try and listen to peoples problems. I don't discriminate, and I don't and I mean DON'T do anything to make others leave. If someone finds me annoying, that's fine. I'll try and leave them alone, and move on. But if someone is making me mad, then I'll just act calm, and don't talk back. If I find my self in a position were I can't get out of, I'll request help/assistance on escalating it further. But I'm responsible when it comes to staff commands, and I help out even when I'm not staff. So in conclusion I'd be good as a staff member because I'd feel like I'd fit in well with the others.

    How active can you been on the server AND on the forums: I can be active on the server a lot, but on the forms from time to time, I'll look. I'm mostly active in game, but I will check out the forms every so often.

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