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  1. || This is the official YouTube/Twitch Rank Application ||

    If you are interested for Twitch(Streamer) or Youtuber Rank please read the following post

    Youtube Rank requires 200+ Subscribers
    50 Views per Video/Live Stream
    Active on Fallen Network


    Twitch Rank requires 500+ Followers
    Active on Fallen Network

    Youtube Rank and Twitch Rank gets access to exclusive in-game items that no players get access to. You get all kits unlocked along with all cosmetics.

    If you have any interest in apply for Youtuber or Twitch rank, please email us at the following email, We WILL see if your account matches you and make sure you are telling the truth. Before applying, please make sure to check the criteria needed to apply for YT or Twitch. When applying, please use the following format when you email us.

    In-Game name:


    Name of your channel:

    Link to your channel:


    Why do you want to be Youtuber/Twitch on Fallen Network?

    We will be checking your account to make sure you are legitimate of who you say you are. Please allow us up to 48-72 hours to complete the process. ​
Thread Status:
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